a tin of Cannadips CBD Pouches Lemon Tree Flavor sits atop two lemons in a lemon tree

We are pumped about this limited run batch of Lemon Tree for The Humboldt Collection strain series lineup.  Lemon Tree is both a well known strain AND a lifestyle brand based down the road in Santa Cruz, CA.  

We have appreciated the legendary design work of Jimbo Philips since growing up as he birthed the logo and designs of Santa Cruz skateboards, a west coast iconic brand. So when we decided to blend the fresh taste of Lemon Skunk with the classic taste of Sour Diesel for our next addition to The Humboldt Collection, we knew exactly the guys we wanted to collaborate with.  We picked up the phone and called the Lemontree guys and knew we had something special.  This strain has taken the industry by storm over the last 5 years in California and has won multiple awards being hailed for its citrus knockout punch.

Tins will be available in the month of December for free with purchase, while supplies last.

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